“Doom Loop” Sensitivity Testing

Remember that the “Doom Loop” measures TWO different variables:  Preferences (like or don’t like) and Performance (good at and not good at).

It assumes that all other variables remain constant over a period of time.

Obviously this is a BIG assumption.  All things just don’t stay the same – and, as one reader pointed out, there may be a need at some time to hire someone who is “good at” everything just to complete a project that is not one of the “career builder” moves.

The “Doom Loop” also assumes that there are no problems with personal relationships at work.  This can change . . . and often does; and there are many other variables that can alter how one actually “feels” about a job.

The appropriate way to do a “Doom Loop” analysis is to consider just the two variables at first (Preferences and Performance) and then check to see what happens if other variables might come into play by not being constant over time.  This is a “sensitivity test” and can give you important information regarding how an attractive “Doom Loop” analysis might NOT be relevant in certain cases.

This does not invalidate the “Doom Loop.” 

It’s just smart application of mathematics.

Keep it in mind.