Employers Who Move Employees From Q3 to Q2/Q1 Increase Productivity!

Employers should think about this . . . then DO IT!

Consider the following:

  • Employee boredom and frustration on the job is commonplace (comprising over 70% of the American Workforce);
  • Admitting that he/she is bored on the job should not be a subject that is taboo for an employee to do;
  • Bored employees are less productive than motivated employees;
  • Increasing employee motivation is better done by moving an employee from Q3 to Q2/Q1 than increasing compensation;
  • Increasing an employee’s compensation to relieve boredom is a temporary anesthetic – NOT a cure;
  • Moving employees from Q3 to Q2/Q1 is relatively easy, takes some creativity, and is far less expensive than a loss of an employee.

Smart managers can use the Doom Loop to increase the productivity of their business at virtually no cost.

Learn about the Doom Loop – and then give it a try. The Doom Loop is a productivity tool as well as a career management tool.

Think about it!