Nuclear Submarines Have Doom Loops Too!

Nuclear attack submarines have exciting and sometimes dangerous adventures. And there are circumstances where the Doom Loop enters into the picture.

An example is a nuclear attack submarine conducting surveillance on something (I won’t tell you what).

The key group conducting the surveillance is called a “Fire Control Party.”  This is a group of highly trained submariners who are manning the watch in the attack center. If the surveillance extends over long periods of time, individual fire control party members become exceedingly “good at” what they are doing.

But over the long term, doing the same thing, individuals are susceptible to entering Q3 (bored).

A remedy for this is to put a new individual who has not had so much experience in operating one of the systems – he (and soon she) is really not “good at” what he/she is doing while learning.

This individual is in Q1 or a combination of Q1/Q2.

This causes the other members of the fire control party to have heightened awareness and they tend to move over into Q2 as well.

This actually helps!

The point is that TEAMS or GROUPS can have a “collective Doom Loop” – and there are ways to compensate for this.

Think about it!  It works!