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A recent Gallup Poll reports that approximately 71% of the American workforce is frustrated and/or bored on the job.  This affects the overall productivity of the US economy – and one might wonder, “Why??

The Doom Loop provides some insight into this natural phenomenon and can serve as a simple and elegant little tool to help someone who might be bored/frustrated on the job to make good tactical career decisions as well as to anticipate various career crises.    You can click HERE to go to Amazon.

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The Doom Loop is NOT the answer to all of your problems and, like everything else, has its limitations.  But it is fun – and helpful when used correctly.  And you don’t have to read some long, overly detailed and boring book to understand it – nor do you need to attend some expensive and dull seminar and/or workshop to have the facility to understand and use it. 

The Doom Loop looks like simple common sense . . . but underneath the matrix rests a foundation of some pretty sophisticated and fundamental mathematics.

For a good understanding of how the “Doom Loop” relates to your personal career strategy, check out the Critical Skills Blog.

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You can use the menu at the top to navigate to the various parts of the site describing the “Doom Loop” and the seven various “Career Crises” everyone might face during the course of a career.

OK – it’s not really a ‘loop!’  But “Doom Loop” is a catchy name.  So it’s “The Doom Loop!”  And it can be one of your best friends when you face a career crisis.

Most often when an individual sees “The Doom Loop” for the first time, the feeling is:  “Ah!  I’ve been there!  Done that!”

They immediately “personalize” “The Doom Loop.”

I created “The Doom Loop” back in the late 1970’s . . . it worked then . . . and it works now!

There is even a movie about “The Doom Loop” – made in 1987 by Northwestern University and starring “yours truly” – about how to use it! Give it a look!

So join us and learn about it . . . and use it! 

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