Career Crisis #2 – First Job Disappointment

Many times that first job is similar to the career of a parent or mentor of some sort – someone who had an influence in what you studied in college.

For example, your father might have been an electrical engineer – so you went to an engineering college, earned a degree in electrical engineering, and took a job with some organization designing circuit boards.

That certainly satisfied the first career crisis (the first job), but soon you come to the conclusion that, “I simply don’t like this stuff!”

Say “Hello” to “First Job Disappointment.”

The solution to this career crisis is what is called “radical retooling.”

You then go to graduate school – to law school, perhaps, or to an MBA program (many MBA programs are fully stocked with individuals who are addressing this career crisis).

That seems to work well until graduation – when the you find yourself right back to the first career crisis – BUT being a little sadder and wiser – and, of course, deeper in debt.