Retirement Can Be a Killer!

Retirement can kill! It’s the last of the “career crises” that you will ever face – and how you face it might determine how long you will live.

Retirement is a career crisis. For active and productive people, they find themselves in a situation where they are “not good at” doing nothing, and “don’t like” doing nothing.

In other words, they are in “Q4” or the lower right quadrant of the Doom Loop.

This quadrant will bring unhappiness UNLESS the retiree finds something that he/she likes and can do in all that spare time.

Ideally, what the retiree might consider doing is something that he/she definitely likes, but might be “not good at” or “somewhat good at” doing whatever it is.

That will put him/her in perhaps a combination of “Q1” and “Q2” – an ideal place to be.

Consider it. And perhaps you would like to read more about this – if so, just click HERE and you will be directed to a good article about what to do in retirement and not just advice, however important it might be, about becoming financially secure.