Career Crisis #6 – Retirement

Retirement!  Ah – it’s something we all look forward to with great anticipation!

The trouble with retirement – especially for people who have spent their entire careers happily busy with work – is that retirees often find themselves doing virtually nothing.

The find that they “don’t like” and are “not good at” doing nothing!  And they find themselves clearly in Q4.

Many individuals who find themselves in Q4 after retirement and have not bothered to think about what they are going to do or are unwilling to find something become miserable, unhappy – and they die.

So what is the solution for you if you are a retiree?

There are literally thousands of things that you can find to occupy your time – all of them dependent on your willingness to get involved in something that interests you and ignites your passion.

The solution is to start making lists of things that you LOVE to do.  Don’t worry about the fact that there are things available to do that do not fully capture your interest.  Just make certain that whatever it is that you want to do – and that might be more than one thing – that you love it.  That will certainly put you on the left side of the matrix in the “like” column.  Whether or not you are “good at” or “not good at” doing whatever it is matters little and depends on your attitude toward learning something new.