Career Crisis #5 – Doomed AT Capstone

The “Doomed AT Capstone” crisis occurs whenever you find yourself at the top of a “Doom Loop” and you currently are either at or above the first career capstone – all the way up in the organization to the CEO.

An example is an individual who was CEO of a major commodities exchange.  He would go to work at 4AM and by 10AM his work for the day was essentially completed.  He was unhappy, bored and frustrated – in a combination of Q3 and Q4.

The solution recommended was to get him on the board of directors of a major brewery with committee responsibilities and on the board of trustees with committee responsibilities for a major university.

This made him “not good at” doing his job at the exchange under more time pressure – he had less time to spend as CEO – and the brewery as well as the university were organizations that he enjoyed.

This put him mostly in Q2 and slightly in Q1 for his entire responsibilities (the exchange and the board/trustee roles.

It worked!

Arranging your responsibilities in such a way to “time compress” the job seems to be the best possible remedy for “Doomed at Capstone” if you are the CEO and do not want to leave the organization.

If you are NOT the CEO, then the alternative solution might be to acquire additional responsibilities within your current organization.

The second alternative to each of those mentioned is, of course, to seek another opportunity in a different organization.  Obviously, however, you would need to analyze the major tasks and responsibilities to ensure that such a role would put you firmly in Q1/Q2.