Count to Ten – and Think About the “Doom Loop” Before Quitting Your Job!

Severe job dissatisfaction can come from a combination of sources as articulated by Phyllis Korrki in her March 24 NY Times article, “Grand Exits Never Earn Applause.”

Some of these sources of dissatisfaction MAY come from Doom Loop variables – such as “Like” and/or “Don’t Like,” but other sources may be such things as a crushing workload, untenable work situations, an overbearing boss, a difficult co-worker, and the like.

Her advice – and it’s GOOD ADVICE – is to take a few deep breaths, have private conversations with a trusted “career partner,” and take your time before making a drastic move such as quitting your job in a huff.

Spending a little time trying to find out if “Doom Loop” effects are at the root of the problem is advisable; If they are, then remedies OTHER than walking off the job are far more palatable than the after effects of an abrupt self-termination.

Since your “feelings” about your job are an essential part of the “Doom Loop” analysis, you must probe into the causes of these feelings to ensure that why they exist are or are not normal “Doom Loop” effects.

The article represents “Words to the Wise” and is worthy of attention.