Some Prescriptions for Being Bored in Your Situation (i.e., you go “Q3”)

Any individual familiar with the quadrants of the “Doom Loop” is aware of what “Q3” means.

It means you are good at what you are doing, but you’re beginning to not like the job or the situation you are in and you are becoming frustrated . . . bored!

Welcome to Q3! (see diagram below)

Matrix With Feelings

Don’t panic . . . and DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB. At least not until you’ve given your situation some thought.

When you are in “Q3,” you are VULNERABLE. You are susceptible to being attracted to a job that won’t necessary fulfill your needs – but it will give you a new place to work, new friends, new location, and all that sort of thing. If the new job you have taken is basically the same as the one you left, you will be back in Q3 within 3-4 months! Then you will REALLY have a problem.

If you think your boredom is going to go away and do nothing, you’ll probably be disappointed and you’ll be headed for Q4. And, if you’re retired and headed for Q4 . . . . . you don’t like doing what you’re doing and you’re not good at doing nothing . . . then you might be issuing yourself a death sentence. So DO SOMETHING!

I’m going to post some things now and then about what you can do if you find yourself in Q3. These are articles that may (or may not) help . . . but they are worth reading.

The first article is Ask a Career Coach: I’ve Got a Good Job, But I’m Bored. What Should I Do? by Kyle Lee. She addresses the question, “How do you find what’s missing and get over the boredom?”

Click on this line to go to the article and read her suggestions. Maybe they’ll help you get back to Q1 or Q2 without jeopardizing your career!

Good Luck!