Are You A “Sitting Duck?

Individuals who are in jobs where they “go over the Doom Loop” into Q3 are “sitting ducks” for headhunters.

As you know (or if you don’t you can find out on this site or in the book, “The Doom Loop,”) when you are in Q3, you have feelings of frustration and boredom. That tends to weaken your judgment about taking other jobs and puts you in a vulnerable position. That’s why when you go over the top of a Doom Loop, you are “Doomed!”

If you’re “on the way up the corporate ladder” and haven’t yet reached a first level career capstone, you’re “Doomed before capstone.” If you have a more senior management position and go into Q3, you’re “Doomed AT capstone.”

Good headhunters can spot someone in Q3 and it is quite easy to lure them into a job somewhere else – even if the content of the job is virtually the same thing. Of course, if you take such a job, you will have good feelings – for awhile . . . generally four months – until you realize that you are right back in Q3.

The problem is that in making such a move, you run the risk of “blurring your skill mosaic” – and, as a career management strategy, that is not a good thing to do.

A job move might bring with it higher compensation, but, in the end, the good feelings of higher compensation are just a temporary anesthetic to the real problem.

There are remedies for each career crisis, and you should think about them BEFORE making a move which might turn out to be rather unwise.

Check out how you can deal with the “Doomed problem!”

The Doom Loop just might be the best friend you ever had!